Tags: Performance

Velocita: fast and reliable Composer installs

Introducing Velocita: a Composer plugin that works together with a caching reverse proxy to speed up package downloads and to provide a fallback if the original source (e.g. GitHub or Packagist) is experiencing downtime.

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SWT menu disposal memory leak

SWT is a widget toolkit developed as part of Eclipse that enables you to develop Java desktop applications that use the OS’s native widgets. It is an immensely useful library and really shines in the area of resource management, which boils down to “only dispose resources you’ve created yourself”. Well, sort of.

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SheevaPlug with Debian Wheezy

One of my projects entails running (and developing) network monitoring software on a private uplink. I could use my laptop as a server, but it has a constant energy consumption of about 60 watts which I find a bit much. Enter the SheevaPlug.

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