Android: remove synced Exchange contacts

Android eating Exchange

Since I “crossed over” to an Android phone for the first time after using iPhones for several years, I have had the pleasure of rediscovering how to configure my phone to do everything I always took for granted. One thing that surprised me is that my Exchange contacts showed up in my phone app, although I had disabled their synchronization.

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SWT menu disposal memory leak


SWT is a widget toolkit developed as part of Eclipse that enables you to develop Java desktop applications that use the OS’s native widgets. It is an immensely useful library and really shines in the area of resource management, which boils down to “only dispose resources you’ve created yourself”. Well, sort of.

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Serious PuTTY defaults


Everybody who has ever used SSH in the vicinity of a computer running Windows knows of the existence of PuTTY, the tiny yet brilliant Swiss army knife of remote communication. These are the chronicles of my default settings.

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SheevaPlug with Debian Wheezy

SheevaPlug with Debian

One of my projects entails running (and developing) network monitoring software on a private uplink. I could use my laptop as a server, but it has a constant energy consumption of about 60 watts which I find a bit much. Enter the SheevaPlug.

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Colliding Worlds


Sometimes, I like to reflect on what “us programmers” would like to achieve in life. Without exception, I completely fail in doing so and discover that I’m pretty much stuck in my vertical ways.

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